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netLiNK Controls


The netLiNK Controls is a revolutionary two-way Wireless Controller and Remote Monitoring System.   The system is designed to remotely control and monitor site lighting and has the capability to control 0-10V LED Dimming features. The netLiNK system is available  in both LED and Metal Halide compatibility.

When dimming LED site lights, you gain efficiency and extend the life of your lights. Many owners are powering their site lights at wattage of 70-80% while still maintaining bright light levels.  There is  little to no difference to the human eye from 100% LED and dimming to 80%.

With netLiNK Controls, you can have total control of the desired light levels for peak shopping, and for late night/early morning security lighting.

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System Overview

 System Overview

Case Study

 Centennial Case Study

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