Lighting Maintenance Program

WLS has developed a lighting maintenance program (lighting lease program) enabling owners to upgrade lighting on existing properties with little or no out of pocket expense. This enable owners to reduce the CAM costs by more than the cost of the monthly energy bill. The program typically consists of a lighting upgrade (retrofit of existing fixtures with new more energy efficient lamps and ballasts, or new WLS fixtures, often LED). In addition we often combine the lighting retrofit/upgrade with our revolutionary wireless controls product, netLiNK Controls!

WLS typically provides a 3+/- year contract that will cover the lighting maintenance needs for the site lighting while paying for the new energy saving go straight to your bottom line! In addition, brighter lighting is proven to generate more night time sales.

Maintenance for Metal Halide

Whether considering an energy saving retrofit or an LED lighting upgrade, to ensure that at a “pulse start” metal halide system always performs in a range between the Day 1 light levels and the Design Day light levels (light levels never fall below those described on the approved lighting plan), the site lighting system should be Group Re-Lamped when the original lamps have operated for 40% of their rated life. By replacing depreciated lamps with new lamps, the system is returned to Day 1 output, and the depreciation cycle starts again.

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