Ultraviolet Disinfection Lighting

UV Disinfection Lighting

UV Lighting

UV lighting products reduce and inactivate various pathogens that can lead to infection and disease. Germicidal UV lighting products can increase the life of your HVAC system, create healthier air, and improve the wellness of occupants within buildings.


• Healthcare
• Hospitality
• Schools / Education

• Commercial Office
• Industrial
• Municipailty

• Retail
• Restaurants
• Entertainment

UV Lighting: Application Types

Air Disinfection: HVAC

UV lighting disinfection for HVAC systems includes In-duct disinfection and coiling coil disinfection. Typically these systems serve a dual purpose for both surface disinfection and air disinfection

Air Disinfection: Upper-Room / Upper-Air

UVC germicidal fixtures for Upper Room/Upper Air confine UVC rays to a narrow beam, directed across the upper portion of the room. This allows the fixtures to be used in occupied spaces with proper installation. These systems continuously clean upper air in rooms, preventing airborne transmission of viruses and bacteria.

Air Disinfection: Air Recirculation

UV re circulation units are stand-alone units for use in occupied spaces. They consist of UV lamps (sometimes paired with general illumination lighting) in a housing containing a blower and a filter to keep the lamps dust-free.

Surface Disinfection: PPE/Equipment
Surface Disinfection: Whole Room

Whole Room / Area Disinfection UV lighting systems are usually used after-hours to disinfect all surfaces within a space. This includes walls, floors, tabletops, and equipment. These systems use continuous or intermittent exposure to UV-C light, during periods when spaces are unoccupied.

Surface Disinfection: Door Barrier

Door Barrier germicidal fixtures create a “curtain” of germicidal UV rays that control the air-borne transmission of microorganisms between rooms/spaces.

Surface Disinfection: Portable/Mobile

Portable and Mobile Systems are able to be moved into place temporarily to disinfect room surfaces and equipment.

FAQ: UV Lighting

What is UV Lighting?

UV stand for Ultra Violet. Ultraviolet is not exactly light, but instead electromagnetic radiation. UV Light is outside of the visible light spectrum. Although we cannot see UV light, we can experience its effects through things like sunburns on our skin.

What is Germicidal UV?

Germicidal UV (GUV) refers to the process of using ultraviolet radiation to kill bacteria, mold spores, and inactivate viruses. Germicidal ultraviolet is short-wavelength ultraviolet “light” that has been proven to kill bacteria. Wavelengths in this spectrum that have shown to be the most effective for disinfection are UV-C (200-280 nanometers).


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