Lighting Projects & Case Studies

St. Peter Catholic Church

    About The Project

    St. Peter Catholic Church LED Upgrade

    Lindsay, Texas

    The St. Peter Church upgraded to LED lighting within the church sanctuary, youth center, and multipurpose center building. The lighting upgrade has achieved not only energy savings, but a better CRI. CRI (Color Rendering Index) is the measurement of how accurately lighting represents the color of objects and spaces.

    In 2009, St. Peter began a massive restoration of the interior patterns and art repainted onto new plaster. The restoration project was an investment too beautiful to leave under a mixture of incandescent and halogen lights. The CRI of the new LED lighting reveals the colors of the church is an amazing new light. The new lighting will help preserve the restored paintings and artwork for longer. The increase in quality of light not only reduces eye fatigue, but improves photos for weddings, baptisms, and first communions alike. 

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