Commercial Lighting Services

Rebate Research

WLS researches and executes rebate/incentive applications for our clients. We coordinate with the installation of your project to meet any deadline dates set by the program. We turnkey the rebate application process. Even when we don’t provide a turnkey on the materials and installation of the lights, we can provide a turnkey for the rebate portion of the project.


WLS provides design services, including pre-design consultation, specification, renderings, and photometry studies for architects, engineers, developers, property owners, and property managers. These services along with our ability to provide pricing from economical to specification grade, enable us to meet your budgetary needs. We can design your project based on a decorative theme, energy and ordinance requirements and more while meeting fast-moving deadlines.

National Installation Program

WLS offers nationwide installation services with our Approved Electrical Contractor “AEC” program. Our in house master electrician and project management team will ensure that your installation costs are economical and your project is seamlessly installed.

Existing Site Surveys

WLS offers onsite evaluations of your existing lighting infrastructure. Our lighting assessments are created by an experienced design team which can quickly and accurately identify potential upgrades and return on investment data for your portfolio.

Lighting Maintenance Program

WLS has developed a lighting maintenance program enabling property owners to retrofit existing properties with little to no out of pocket expense. The monthly maintenance program costs less than the monthly energy savings. This enable owners to reduce the CAM costs by more than the cost of the monthly energy bill.

Value Engineering

WLS provides a “wire-to-wire” finish for clients including our value engineering of lighting designs that may be over budget or have not met final approval for installation. WLS has proven to save clients on upfront project costs on a vast majority of lighting designs. Our in house design professionals and partnering engineer firms are at your service.

Financing Program

We add value for our clients by providing them with the ability to offer a 100% project financing solution to their lighting projects through our financing partners. Doing so enables them to provide a complete solution by bundling charges related to equipment, installation, maintenance and software into a monthly payment option.


WLS will design a photometric study tailored to our client’s project criteria needs. From new construction to retrofits, our lighting design focuses on effectiveness and efficiency. At WLS, we have the expertise and experience to provide the finest lighting plan to enhance your project’s surroundings.

Service & Maintenance

WLS continues to be here for you and your properties even after your project is completed. Our crews are active in the field making sure your sites are safe for you and your customers. We’re always here when you need us. If you have an issue on-site or are interested surveys and mapping, reach out to us today.


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