Lighting Projects & Case Studies

LED Upgrade: Arbors on Preston

    About The Project

    Managed by The Fritz Duda Company, The Arbors on Preston Road is situated in the midst of one of the most affluent neighborhoods in the Dallas/Fort Worth area..  The center offers specialty restaurants and services in an outstanding open-air center and a beautiful lake setting. This close to 225,000 square foot facility is positioned along one of the most prominent retail corridors in Texas. Fritz Duda Company is a real estate investment building and development organization based in Dallas, Texas.

    In 2018, The Arbors on Preston was officially due for a upgrade to LED lighting. WLS Lighting stepped in to create a value engineered lighting site plan and proposal for all new LED site, wall pack, and decorative lighting. The estimated kWh savings totaled 569,257 KWh.

    The Results

    Annual Energy Savings

    Rebate Incentive

    475,839 kWh
    Annual kWh Reduction

    The Products

    Area Lighting | OSQ Series

    Blending modern clean aesthetics with extreme optical control advanced thermal management, the OSQ is built to last. The housing is rugged cast aluminum with an integral weathertight LED driver compartment.

    Wall Lighting | MIRW Series

    The MIRW is perfectly suited for architectural applications with it’s sleek design. The cost-effective die-cast aluminum housing makes its acquisition cost competitive.

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