Lighting Projects & Case Studies

LED Upgrade: Westfield Plaza Bonita

    About The Project

    Westfield Group, one of the world’s leading retail center companies, is in the process of retrofitting their existing shopping centers. The company’s strategy entails reducing their global footprint, reducing energy consumption, therefore making the business greener and more cost efficient.

    The LED upgrade for Plaza Bonita included replacing parking lot site lighting and parking garage lighting. The existing lighting ranged from 100W-1,000W MH and 112W fluorescent fixtures and was replaced with LED fixtures ranging from 25W-400W. WLS was able to redesign the parking garage lighting that allowed us to remove 50% of the fixtures. The energy savings from the LED upgrade on Plaza Bonita not only improves their bottom line, but enforces the company’s green goals.

    The Results


    Annual Energy Savings


    761,822 kWh

    Annual kWh Reduction

    The Products

    Area Lighting | OSQ

    Blending modern clean aesthetics with extreme optical control advanced thermal management, the OSQ is built to last. The housing is rugged cast aluminum with an integral weathertight LED driver compartment.

    Garage Lighting | CPY

    Increase location visibility and incoming traffic with the CPY Series. Not only will it help reduce operating costs, it creates a better and safer lighting experience.

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