Existing Site Surveys

WLS offers evaluations of your existing lighting systems. Our lighting assessment is created by an experienced design team which can quickly and accurately identify the potential upgrades your site needs.

Your Lighting Infrastructure

We also offer comprehensive and professional lighting surveys to determine the state of your existing electrical infrastructure, light fixture condition, and current lighting levels. We can then provide you with an accurate analysis of what your facility requires to meet performance and efficiency criteria with photometrics and budgets.

Many times the efficiency gained in replacing equipment can increase light levels, light quality, and generate energy savings which will pay for the lighting upgrade in a relatively short amount of time. Life cycle costs analysis and ROI information is included in the price of our comprehensive Light Surveys. Costs for these services are dependent on type, size of the facility or site, and whether you require interior surveys, exterior, or both.

Evaluate your existing lighting system

From audits to value engineering, we've got you covered
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