Lighting Projects & Case Studies

Polo Club Assisted Living | Circadian Lighting

    About The Project

    Steadfast’s Polo Club Assisted Living 

    Lexington, Kentucky

    At the Polo Club Assisted Living facility, the dining spaces, hallways, recreations rooms, and bedrooms all provide circadian lighting for residents and staff. The Circadian Lighting system within the space is controlled by a GPS beacon. This beacon tells the system when to change temperatures and deplete specific wavelengths throughout the 24-hour day cycle. The lighting is wirelessly controlled through Bluetooth mesh built into the power supply. Products include troffers, downlights, and A-lamps. The system comes completely programmed with customized wall switches for dimming or on/off controls.

    What is Circadian Lighting and why does it matter?

    The purpose of Circadian lighting is to reinforce what’s happening naturally within our bodies. In the natural environment, our bodies respond biologically to light. A true circadian lighting system will supply 480nm (nanometer) wavelengths during the daylight hours and deplete those wavelengths during the night.

    Not only does Circadian lighting help our sleep cycles, it is also an integral part of supporting healthy immune systems. Supporting aging immune systems also helps with memory loss and dementia patients. Circadian is the new minimum standard for quality lighting. The lighting within our spaces needs to serve the people inside. During the day, spaces should feel vibrant and awake, while at night spaces should feel relaxing and calm.

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