Lighting Projects & Case Studies

Interior LED Retrofit: Molina Center

    About the Project

    WLS was able to remove 35% of the existing fixtures. The installed lighting system allows individual fixtures to be tunable to appropriate light levels. The new system takes advantage of motion control sensors, daylight harvesting and has a potential for demand response. The new Daintree lighting control system allows building management access to modify light levels, track energy consumption, monitor outages and observe savings from anywhere in the world.

    Client Testimonial

    “Your firm was professional and the customer service we received from Chris was exemplary. The new lighting fixtures are exactly as promised and the software system is working as intended. Overall, I’m very pleased with the outcome, energy savings, and look forward to the next project with WLS.”

    – Ivette Walker
    General Manager of McKinney Advisory Group


    The Results

    96% Energy Savings

    Est. Annual Energy Savings

    Est. Annual kWh Reduction
    203,777 kWh Reduction

    Energy Rebate Incentive


    (4) 2×2 Troffer – 60W
    (368) 2×4 Troffer – 89W

    (207) 2×4 LG Fixture – 10W
    (36) 2×4 LG Fixture – 8W

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